Baking Paper

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Baking Paper

ALUFIX baking paper is a great and indispensable helper in your kitchen.

It helps bake cakes, pizza, potato, rolls, chicken croquettes, fish sticks and many other dishes.

The roasting & cooking paper keeps your kitchenware clean and helps you cook healthier without added fat such as oil or butter. With ALUFIX baking paper greasing is no longer needed – the baked food does not stick, which prevents breakage.

Both sides are siliconized and paper can be multiply used on both sides. It is also suitable for lining baking tins.

In addition, paper can be used for wrapping food to prevent excessive browning.

ALUFIX baking paper is also microwaveable and heat-resistant up to 220 °C.

ALUFIX baking paper is available in both 8- and 20-meter rolls and as pre-cut single sheets in the roll.

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